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Supportive Communities

Supportive communities

Community Programs

In partnership with the local authorities, we have developed community education programs which include topics such as internet safety and cyberbullying, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, environmental protection, pride in public spaces and the value of formal education. With each program, we continuously reinforce Moroccan values of tolerance and hospitality, diversity and inclusion, equity and belonging.

Supportive communities

Emergency Aid

Although our work is primarily youth and education focused, Emergency situations call for decisive action. Public health crises, extreme weather and family tragedy are common occurrences. With our finger on the pulse, we assess the immediate needs of the communities that we work in and channel resources to ensure that basic needs are met in times of crisis. 

Supportive communities


Formal education is critical, but so are life skills and leisure activities. We sponsor local sports teams and young adult programs to develop life skills beyond the classroom.

Our Child-Centered Approach