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School Renovations

School renovations

Classroom renovations

The rural regions that we work in have schools in various states of disrepair. We work with the local administration and teachers to determine the unique educational needs of each village. We then employ a local workforce to repair the classrooms, install electricity, repair doors and windows, paint and install desks and fixtures.

School renovations

Sanitary facilities

Working toilets in schools reduces the rate of dropouts, particularly for young girls. We make sure that each school we renovate has proper working toilets. If they do not, we build them. This especially supports the enrollment and retention of girls in school. In addition, many of the villages we work in do not have fountains or access to clean water near schools. We build water fountains for drinking and washing hands near the schools to ensure proper health and hygiene.

School renovations

Sustainable Insulation Prototype

The regions that we work in have subzero temperatures in the winter and extreme heat in the summer. In partnership with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (The “GIZ”) a German international development corporation, we have developed a cost effective insulation prototype that we can duplicate in multiple regions.

Our Child-Centered Approach