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Amis des Ecoles is a Moroccan NGO, based in Casablanca, committed to realizing and promoting the dignity, equality, and respect for all, especially for school children and women in remote rural environments. Founded in 2006, Amis des Écoles is a life companion to people in rural regions and has grown into an important actor for the rural communities in Morocco.



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Amis des Écoles focuses its work on rural schools, where barriers to completion are higher than in the rest of the country due to a significant lack of infrastructure and support, as evidenced by the higher rate of non-completers in rural schools when compared to urban ones. We currently work in five regions, four desert, and one mountainous, all presenting particular and unique challenges and opportunities for our interventions.

From Errachidia to Boujdour

Located in Morocco’s south and covering the regions of Souss-Massa, Guelmim-Oued Noum, Daraa-Tafilalt, and Laayoun-Saguia El Hamra. The Tata Province alone has approximately 130,000 inhabitants sparsely distributed over a stretching desert plain of the Sahara, near the border with Algeria. This province has no industry and the population lives predominantly on small trade and tourism. The landscape, typified by the southern foothills of the Anti-Atlas mountains, is rough, hardscrabble, and mostly barren. The climate is extremely dry and needed water is pumped up from deep wells as there is little rainfall. Amis des Écoles’  project manager in teh area is M’hamed Hilali, originally from Tata, and thus someone who knows the regions intimately. Mr. Hilali stays in regular contact with the schools Amis des ecoles supports in the region, and oversees implementation of the various projects at each site in this vast terrain.

Marrakech – Tensift – Al Haouz region

The valleys of Oussertek and Imnan are located near Morocco’s famous ski resort, Oukaimeden, located in the Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz region. The 13 villages in this region are populated by about 2,000 people. The villages face challenges stemming from their natural environment, which keeps them mostly cut off and isolated from nearby urban areas with more resources. In collaboration with Association Anwar pour le Développement, Amis des Écoles implements the projects on site; their knowledge of the region helps to identify and assess the needs of the inhabitants.

It is in these isolated and remote rural areas that Amis des Écoles has and continues to concentrate its activities.


school renovations


sanitary facilities


water fountains




trees planted


roads built


library equiped


books distributed

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What makes us different?

Relationship based

Relationship based

Hands-on approach

Hands-on approach

Long term sustainable projects

Long term sustainable projects

Our Story

It all began the Winter of 2005: a group of students and teachers from Casablanca went to the Aït Bougemaz valley in the High Atlas Mountains to get to know the mountain regions, their inhabitants, and local schools. The Aït Bougemaz valley is a difficult region to reach due to its remote location and a lack of infrastructure.

In addition, weather and geographic conditions make accessing the schools there nearly impossible, especially during Winter. The group from Casablanca faced obstacles that local students and teachers must face every day. These challenges directly impact access to education. As a result, many rural children like those from Aït Bougemaz, embark on life with a minimal education, placing them at a disadvantage in our rapidly changing world.

The school the group from Casablanca visited was in bad shape—windows broken, roof leaking, and barely stocked. Deeply impacted, the Casablanca group decided to help this community and make a difference. Returning to Casablanca, they convinced friends and companies to get involved, and collected the necessary funds to renovate the school in Aarous Village. Walls were painted, windows were replaced, and the roof was repaired.

Since then, many other projects have been implemented thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Founders of Amis des Écoles

Amal Zniber & Abdelmajid Dahbi Skali

Founders of Amis des Écoles
Project Manager

Mhamed Alhilali

Project Manager

Upcoming Activities

 Boarding schools are in need of heaters and water boilers for showers

Boarding schools are in need of heaters and water boilers for showers

Abderrahim Taouallout, Born on April 1st, 2000, is a trial runner looking for a sponsor

Abderrahim Taouallout, Born on April 1st, 2000, is a trial runner looking for a sponsor

We thank our partners

“We are dedicated to improving the future of Moroccans in the rural regions through alleviating poverty by increasing educational and economic opportunities and improving health and safety for all.”

Amal Zniber, Co-Founder of Amis des Écoles

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