Partner with Amis Des Écoles

At Amis Des Écoles, we rely on a large network of organizations to help us achieve our mission and goals. Whether the organization has 1 employee or 1,000, we consider them our partners because they contribute company assets, such as expertise, supplies, building materials, retail space and so much more. 

While it’s common to think that NGOs depend primarily on monetary donations, it is important to recognize that the expertise and unique company assets that our partners provide is where the long-term value in our partnerships lie. A handful of very special organizations have stood out as indispensable long-term partners for Amis Des Écoles. These organizations have worked with us to achieve goals that we could have not otherwise accomplished without their support. 

Our Partners

Bubblegum Web Studio: Is an innovative and creative web and ecommerce development firm based in Göteborg, Sweden.  Beginning in 2018, Bubblegum built and designed a completely new website form Amis Des Écoles and continues to manage all web design and development moving forward.

Popham Design: A design studio and bespoke tile workshop based in Marrakech, Morocco. Since 2016, Popham has provided Amis Des Écoles with hundreds of pallets of Moroccan tiles for our buildings, toilets and fountains.

Klewno Architecture: An architecture firm focused on German standards of sustainability and economical consumption of energy based in Casablanca, Morocco. Starting in 2019, they help Amis Des Écoles design innovative, energy saving methods for classroom renovations.

Yanbow Al Kitab: A youth publishing house based in Casablanca, Morocco. Since 2009, Yanbow Al Kitab has developed and conducted hundreds of reading programs in the regions that Amis Des Écoles works and has distributed over 11,000 books to school children in our region.

Max&Jan: Ethical design brand combining Moroccan heritage and craftsmanship with international fashion based in Marrakech, Morocco. Since 2018, Max & Jan has retailed products from Amis Des Écoles in their concept store and online shop.

While we appreciate our partner’s support beyond measure, we understand that it’s important to highlight the business benefits. Aside from the obvious tax benefits, if you own a business and you are interested in partnering with an NGO like Amis Des Écoles, you may be wondering, what’s the upside? Aside from the satisfaction that giving back provides to our partners, there are other important benefits that your business will enjoy from giving to charitable causes. 

5 Business Benefits of Partnering with an NGO

Building a positive reputation in your community

When your business helps other people or supports important causes, people will also want to help and patronize your company in return. While it is true that giving back should be performed without expecting anything in return, it is also true that what goes around comes around. Your business’s giving back program will help establish goodwill, and your company will gain respect in your community.  

Encouraging public relations and marketing opportunities

Good deeds will not go unnoticed, especially if it is done through charitable and social organizations. The media will often notice philanthropic activities, and oftentimes your involvement in the charity will be noticed and put in a good light. Who doesn’t enjoy free marketing!?

Making connections and widening your organization’s network

Most philanthropic organizations are often built and run by people who are well connected and considered “community influencers”. These individuals can become good contacts and members of your business’s network, connecting you with potential customers, investors, suppliers, partners, employees, and more.

Promoting employee engagement

It has been studied and proven that companies that are active in charities improve employee engagement when they let the employees contribute to the charitable activities. This can help boost the employees’ morale, productivity, creativity, ethical behavior, gratitude to the company, and pride in their work. 

*If your organization would like to explore opportunities with Amis des Écoles, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at