Full Steam Ahead In 2020

2020 has just begun and Amis Des Écoles has already accomplished some amazing things! Our founder, Amal Zniber, and a group of volunteers traveled out to the Valley of Oussertek in January to inaugurate our newly insulated classrooms, Multimedia Center and Women’s Training Center. In addition, we finished furnishing our Women’s Training Center so that trainers and volunteers can stay comfortably. We also held an advanced crochet class for the local women. This is just the beginning of what we foresee as our most impactful year yet! 

Our Insulation Projects


Thanks to our partnership with the Association Al Anwar pour le Developpment de la Valee d’Oussertec, we have fully insulated three classrooms, our nursery school and the Women’s Training Center by installing double glazed windows, insulated walls, roofs and doors. Now that these spaces are shielded from the bitter cold, students and teachers will have a warm learning environment to do their best work and women in town will be able to learn marketable skills in a comfortable space.

Our Nursery School Improvements 

Rawd El Amal “Nursery School of Hope ” was a construction project financed 9 years ago by Marsa Maroc. After construction, Amis Des Écoles, furnished the school, hired a local nursery school teacher, Malika and provided school supplies and clothing for the teacher and the students.

Malika has been our nursery school teacher in the village for the last 9 years. She is 27 years old and believes that early childhood education is the gateway to opportunity and the way out of poverty. Her part-time monthly salary is 1700 Moroccan Dirham (equivalent to $170 USD) 

Our Women’s Training Center 

Our newly inaugurated Women’s Training Center now has a fully furnished studio for trainers with 2 beds, a kitchen and a shower. Trainers from all over the world can stay in the village comfortably while they teach marketable skills to the local women. 

Local Women Learning Advanced Crocheting Methods

While we completed the studio, two of our veteran trainers from 2017 returned to teach the local women advanced crocheting methods. With these advanced skills, local women can continue to improve their beautiful baskets which are being sold to tourists and customers looking for authentic Moroccan artisanal goods that empower women. 

In addition, we identified our newest team member Mohamed who will be managing the Women’s Training Center as well as the brand new Multimedia Center and our library next door. With a full time manager, these incredible resources can now be used to their fullest potential, developing programs for local school children and adults in computer skills, language training and advanced reading skills. His monthly salary is 3000dh ($300 USD) per month. 

Malika, Our Nursery School Teacher / Mohamed, Our WTC and Multimedia Center Manager
(Fun fact! They are Husband and Wife!)

Our Organization Needs Your Help!

With your support and the momentum of a strong start to the new year, 2020 is sure to be full of great achievements! We are looking for 10-20 sponsors, each willing to contribute 250-500 Moroccan Dirham ($25-$50 USD) per month. This small sponsorship will allow Malika and Mohamed to further our mission of education for children and economic empowerment for women. Please visit our donation page on our website or contact our founder Amal Zniber if you wish to contribute! Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to us and everything to the children.

With Gratitude, Your Friends at Amis Des Écoles

*Special thanks to our amazing partners, without whom we could not accomplish our great work. W4WIN (Women for Women in Need, initiative by volunteers from Siemens Gamesa, Siemens and Siemens Healthineers) INDH, Hotel Essaadi, Terre Plurielle