US Citizens

It has finally happened! Amis des écoles has a fiscal sponsor in the USA, Breakthrough. This means that you, as a US taxpayer, can donate to Amis des Écoles via Breakthrough and that your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Donate trough Breakthrough.


Money donation

We are grateful for every donation as every amount helps us to fulfill our mission to help children in remote rural areas in Morocco.

Attijari Wafabank

Name: Amis des Ecoles

IBAN : 007 780 000 5478 000 0000 7884


In the US or a US taxpayer and want to make a donation to Amis des écoles? You can give through our fiscal sponsor Breakthrough and, as a result, your donations are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.

Simply go to and fill out the donation form completely. You must include the following comment in the Comments Field, “For Amis des écoles project” in order  ensure we receive your gift.

If you prefer to send a check, mail your checks made out to “Let’s Breakthrough, Inc.”, to Breakthrough, 4 West 43rd Street, Suite 715, New York, NY  10018 USA. Your check must include in the memo field the notation “For Amis des écoles project.”

Material donation

We are also very happy to receive in-kind, material donations such as tiles, building materials, school materials, clothes for all ages, blankets, non-perishable food items, etc. Please understand that transportation costs from other countries are prohibitively high and don’t allow us to import any in-kind donation to Morocco, if the costs aren’t covered by the donor. We strive to ensure that our funds go directly to support one of our projects.

Voluntary work

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do to make a difference. Your help will have a huge and valuable impact on people and their communities. Step outside of your comfort zone and gain new experiences which will have a long-lasting and priceless impact. 

We need people with all types of skills and expertise for our projects on-site. We are looking for architects, who can help us to find innovative and sustainable building methods and materials.  Additionally, Amis des écoles offers the opportunity of an internship, which can be in combination with writing your theses or other research projects.


Transparency is an important factor for our donors and us as well. Our donors have the opportunity to decide, for which project their donation is used. In addition, monitoring and evaluation of the projects take place in cooperation with our partners on-site on a regular basis.