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Educational Tools

Educational tools

Reading Caravan

Our partnership with sister NGO, Yanbow Al Kitab, has allowed us to spread the love of reading in our regions. Together we have brought the “Reading Caravan” to our regions, which includes reading workshops, storytelling sessions and games for children. Yanbow Al Kitab is able to make reading fun and accessible by printing books for less than $1 USD. 

reading glasses
Educational tools

School Supplies and Reading Glasses

At the beginning of each school year we supply backpacks, clothing, and foodstuffs based on the needs of the children and the community. During each distribution, we sponsor a community event such as a workshop, a sporting event, or an art show to promote unity and have some fun! We also fit and supply reading glasses for the children who need them. 

Educational tools

Libraries and Multimedia Centers

We ensure access to educational materials such as books and computers by building and supplying libraries and multimedia centers. Here, children and adults can access books, computers and training materials. Local staff members manage and maintain these facilities, as well as train the children and community members on how to use the equipment. 

Our Child-Centered Approach